What is Smartreporting?

Smartreporting keep up your refuelling and turn them to an automated invoice, quickly and easily.

So no more separate tickets and hours of work to get everything in order.


Register with your bank or credit card and we will take care of the rest for you. You will receive an invoice in your mailbox every month for free. This means you no longer lose any extra time to put everything in order.

What is the card number field?

This field corresponds to a number made up of 16 or 17 figures which is usually placed next to the word “card”.

What are the BIC and IBAN fields?

The BIC field is a unique code used to differentiate between banks internationally. This code is different for each bank and can easily be found on the Internet.
The most well-known Belgian banks have the following BIC codes:


o Belfius : GKCCBEBB

o BNP Paribas Fortis : GEBABEBB


o Deutsche Bank : DEUTBEBE


In Belgium the IBAN is composed of 16 characters and begins with the letters BE.


Can I register with multiple merchants?

Yes, of course. You can register with all merchants offering the Smart Reporting programme. Every month, you will receive a separate bill for every merchant you register with, on condition that you previously selected this option and that you completed your transactions with the merchant using the card you registered for this specific merchant.

My registration was refused. What can I do?

You can contact the merchant in question or contact our helpdesk by completing the contact form.


Which cards can I register?

You can register Bancontact cards but also Maestro, Visa and MasterCard cards using your card number. For security reasons, the card number is immediately encrypted after it is registered, according to the applicable security standards.
Please note: Maestro cards issued by a Dutch bank contain local numbers on the card that are specific to each bank. Those cardholders will need to contact their bank in order to receive the number that is in line with the international standard (PAN). Using this number, you can register without any problem.


Can I register different cards for each merchant?

Yes, you can register different cards for the Smart Reporting service. For each merchant you can choose which cards you activate or deactivate. You can even choose whether or not you want to receive bills for each merchant individually and for each corresponding card.

What is an “a-posteriori” invoice”?

You can ask for an invoice regarding transactions that precede the registration of your card. Those invoices are available for transactions which go back to 1 year before you registered your card. The invoice you receive for all your transactions prior to the registration of your card is called an “a posteriori” invoice.

Is there a risk that transactions will be billed twice, if I ask for multiple a-posteriori invoices from the same merchant?

No. Because of legal obligations, when several requests are made for the same transaction, this will be automatically filtered and blocked by the system. Every transaction will only appear on one invoice.

What is the maximum period of time for an a-posteriori invoice?

The maximum period is 12 months before the registration of the card.

How can I request an a-posteriori invoice?

In order to receive an a-posteriori invoice (an invoice for a transaction which goes back to one year before the registration of the card), you just have to click on the menu on the top right corner.

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